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COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL PEST CONTROL & EXTERMINATION PROGRAMS. Providing a large selection of services for both interior and exterior. Proudly serving Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county!



East Coast Pest Control has Pest managerial experience of over 30 years. We are able to solve all of your pest exterminating needs. Being a full service exterminator company, we specialize in interior and exterior pest-control for both residential and commercial properties. Our highly trained and certified technicians can handle any pest problem you might be experiencing. Since we guarantee all of our work, you can rest assured this means your pestering issues will be a thing of the past and all pests will be eliminated. We do not charge for call backs if a situation regarding the same problem arises. We guarantee our work 100%. You can rely on our expertise and dedicate for a pest free living with East Coast Pest Control. Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale has been our passion for a decade. The pest problem here in south Florida can be devastating to outdoor activities, but the guys at East Coast Pest Control is the bug control company of many.

Our Fort Lauderdale exterminators team is well equipped to handle all your rodent control and pest control needs. We have proven track records of our pest control methods.



Termite control near you in South Florida just a phone call away. We offer free termite inspections in your home. Termite control is vital to keeping your termite treatment/ repair bill low. Termites can destroy your home in just a few months. Our team is experienced and well equipped to deal with an invasion of termites. These infestations, once developed, can not be treated with Do It Yourself Pest Control.

Bed Bugs

The infestation of Bed Bugs Pompano Beach usually comes from travelers using hotel and motel accommodations. Spotting and treating these pesty insects is a job only for professionals. If you own commercial property and you are suspecting bed bugs, please call us (954) 924-2471 immediately so we can address this issue. If you own a property that is rented for accodomation and you have bed bugs you might be legally inclined to rid these pest and ensure the bed bugs exterminator has done his job before you are able to re rent that space. Furthermore, gaining a reputation of having bed bugs will destroy any AirBnB resort. Bed Bugs are highly active and can make their way to your home by you just laying on an infested surface. It is important to hire a professional to rid your property of bed bugs. How much do Bed Bug exterminator cost? Well, surely not as much as your reputation is worth. Call us TODAY and Save $20 on first treatment



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