How to Spot the Signs for Apartment Pest Infestation?

Apartment living is considered by many people to be the lifestyle trend of the future. With its’ advantages, it generally provides affordability and flexibility to people wishing to have the ability to live, work and play without too much of a hassle especially in terms of traveling to far.  It has become an attractive living option because you wouldn’t have to commute just to go to work or school. Plus apartment complex offers easy access to many establishments such as restaurants, malls, grocery stores and other shops.

Unfortunately, the multifamily nature of apartment buildings also has its’ disadvantage. You tend to share a lot with your neighbors such as a hearty sweet pie or even the noise through the walls or floor.  But did you know that you can also share pests?

Due to the close proximity of the units, it is among the tough structures for pest control. That is why we have compiled 3 major signs that will help you avoid pest infestation!

Sign #1: What you put inside your apartment matters.

It is nice to have a great interior design and furniture for your apartment. However, no matter how alluring and seems to be a perfect fit, it is important to carefully inspect every furniture. Especially if it you want secondhand items, you must check them first to be sure that it doesn’t harbor powder post beetles, bed bugs or other pests. Regardless of the beauty and the price of a home décor, it is always necessary to put your safety (and your family’s as well) as the top priority.

Sign #2: Check for clues.

Pests are actually good in hiding that is why it is important to be keen and have sharp eyes when it comes to looking for clues or marks that shows proof that pests might be lurking in your apartment. Usual clues can be found at the window ledges, behind appliances in the kitchen or inside cabinets and even bathroom sink.  Check for pest droppings as well, even though it may sound gross but it is better than to be sorry for not dealing with it sooner. Pest also gives off recognizable smells like sweet musty odor from bed bugs and oily odor that’s comparable to fecal soy sauce when it’s from roaches. Keep an ear out for any scratching on the walls or the pattering of rodent’s feet. In case you notice holes or gnaw marks, it is a strong giveaway of infestation.  So do some research to learn how to identify the pests and their habits.

Sign #3: Be Cautious.

It is imperative to have a general pest proofing. Simple to-dos are to check packages because pest may hitch rides inside delivered packages especially if they are cardboard boxes. At any point of your travels, you might also pickup pests from hotels or even your mode of transport and unknowingly bring them home. So before you store your suitcases away, try to at least vacuum them. If there’s a smell of garbage, it will surely attract pests so make sure to dispose them properly in a regular basis. From windows, counter tops, floors, pantry, bathroom and even your pet bowls, you must routinely check them. Make time to thoroughly clean your unit.  

As long as you follow these tips, you’ll have a good start of handling the pests. However, nothing beats professional pest control service. What you want is to have a reliable pest control company that can guarantee you 100% best solutions for pest extermination needs and that is us – East Coast Pest Control and Fertilization! For over the years, we have provided unparalleled service all across Fort Lauderdale; plus even Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County!

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Are You Safe from Mosquitoes When Winter?

The changing of the season is inevitable and for that. People have always been wary of the things they can and can’t do for a particular period of time. But did you know that you are not the only one? the only one who take shelter at your house and seek refuge from the cold of winter? One misconception most people do is to believe that by the end of summer,  they may bid adieu to mosquitoes. Because it’s the start of frigid days of winter. Unfortunately, it is not true because mosquitoes don’t simply die off during the frigid cold days of winter.

Get to learn the mosquito seasonal activity so you can take care of your house and be more prepared in handling one of the unwanted pests that may cause harm and disease not just to you but to your entire family. Know the signs if mosquitos have infested your home and use these effective tips to prevent mosquito problem!

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

  • Be cautious and keen with water-holding items inside your house. You must be careful with what you place inside and outside your home property. Take time to thoroughly clean your house and check every corner to reduce the chances of mosquitos. Make sure to inspect water-holding items such as flowerpots, grill covers, indoor vases, tire swings, birdbath and other items that can be filled with water.  As long as mosquitoes found an object where water collects even it is half an inch of water, they may deposit mosquito eggs.

  • Check and Get Everything Fixed. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to manage the house and make sure that it is indeed a good place to live in.It is your home is your sacred haven so it is important to check for parts that might  need some repair. If it is to prevent mosquitoes, you must take a look first and unclog gutters. Ensure that trash cans are tightly sealed. And there are no containers that may hold water, even lids that are flipped upside down. Fix leaky pipes or faucets and if you have a tire swing, drill a hole at the bottom so there’ll be drainage for the water that might be collected during rainy days.

  • Insect Repellent is Important. When going outdoors, since it is always fun to spend a day out, you must apply insect repellent. Important note to remember is the repellent must contain at least 20% DEET, oil of lemon-eucalyptus or picaridin.

  • Find the Best Pest Control Service! Yes you can personally take actions in fighting off the mosquitoes. However nothing beats a professional service when it comes to pest control. That is why you have to find the best there is – and that is us! East Pest Control Fort Lauderdale is here to help you solve your pest and mosquito problems.

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Diseases Caused by Household Pests

Diseases Caused by Household Pests

One of the major problems as homeowners is to get rid all the bug who were buzzing in every corner of your home. There are flies, ticks, rats and other insects are usually visiting your home unexpectedly.


The worst part is they are bringing any kinds of diseases in you and your household. As you can see, pests and termites are giving a massive impact on both farmers and homeowners. They might look harmless but do you know what would be the possible result in your health if you set aside those bugs?  They impose harm in you. So, do not let them to go in and let it stay in your house all day. Be careful all the time.


In this case, these are the basic diseases you could get from pests that mostly see at home:

  1. Flies or Mosquitos- The flies are the common cause of some illnesses. They are always carrying viruses and would transfer it by the food you are eating. Furthermore, the diseases mostly caused by flies are hepatitis, tuberculosis, leprosy, and typhoid fever. Likewise, the mosquitos typically found at night. It is sometimes bothering you from sleeping and also can be found in trash cans or in a dirty area. The mosquitos’ bites are their way to transfer the viruses in your health.


  1. Ticks- It is usually can be found in grassy places, people who are in the grass or wood areas are possible to be a victim of tick-bites or could have a tick-borne disease. It also stick in your pets, particularly in your dog. However, one of the diseases that caused by ticks is called “Lyme Disease”. Further, the symptoms of having this kind of disease are fever, headache, and will have rashes on your skin.


  1. Rats- You can saw a bunch of rats near in the trash can, or it happens that you can find them somewhere in your home. You would notice it if you finally heard them quirk, and it is running around your house. Otherwise, the rat bite and rat urine will give impact in your health like rat-bite fever. You need to stay your home safe and clean to avoid these kinds of creatures. But are you sure enough that your home is safe enough to live?


For conclusions, try to look at your environment, are your surroundings being prone to insects? Are you having a trouble to catch them all? Tired of buying products over and over again? Or doing ‘do it yourself’ pests controller? Even tired of discovering different chemicals to stop insects and rodents?


However, a fact that there are millions of termites and pests, and they are living everywhere. You would not stop them in a snap of a finger. But you can deal with them by contacting a professional pest controller from EAST COST PEST CONTROL in Broward for the effective impose all termites and pests in your household. It’s effective, can save money and time as well! Call 954-471-3896 for the immediate action.