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Termites in Weston cause a great deal of structural wood damage each year. They are probably some of the most feared pests for homeowners to deal with. While you will rarely see them, you will have a nagging suspicion that they’re in your home or commercial property, causing harm. It is challenging to confirm a termite infestation without pest control services getting involved.

Take the mystery out of termite control and get effective termite treatment at East Coast Pest Control. Relax and reflect on the more essential things in life while we perform our termite inspection and develop a plan of action to save the structure of the building they’re trying to call home. We are local termite control specialists offering complete assistance for all types of termites. 

Looking for clues that you may have a termite problem? Subterranean termites invade your home through the soil to dry wood termite swarmers are known to leave termite wings on your window sills. If you believe you have a pest epidemic, you need to call us today.

Drywood termites in Weston

Drywood termites in Weston feed on your home’s dry, undamaged wood, which can lead to expensive repairs if not handled effectively and quickly. Within door frames, windowsills, baseboards, furniture, attics, and wooden studs behind walls are the most popular places to find dry wood termite colonies. Drywood termites, unlike subterranean termites, do not need soil contact to survive. When you carry infested wooden furniture into a building, dry wood termites will get inside. They also develop reproductive swarmers, which can gain access to your home via exterior cracks and gaps. 

Trust our highly qualified technicians from East Coast Pest Control to solve any existing pest problems. We offer termite treatment services to treat the existing termites and prevent any future pest infestations. Contact us for a free quote.

Signs of termite infestation

Termite frass is one way to tell whether or not there are dry wood termites present. Termite droppings are rough and come in a variety of colors. They can resemble small piles of dirt against walls or on windowsills within your home. Termites with wings may appear when a dry wood termite colony matures, which takes three to five years. A termite swarm is an appearance that occurs most often for dry wood termites from April to July and often after heavy rain.

Call EC Pest Control and get a free pest inspection for your home or business!

No-tent control solution for termites in Weston

Fumigation is no longer the only choice for effectively treating termites in Weston for your home or offices, thanks to recent developments in termite control technology. At East Coast Pest Control, we provide a no-tent termite control solution if your termite infestation is still small and limited to a few areas. 

Suppose a dry wood termite colony is discovered during an inspection of your house. In that case, we will locate areas of termite activity and apply our treatment directly into the termite galleries concealed within the window frames, door frames, and wall(s). Are you wondering about the cost? Contact us for a free, no-obligation termite control quote.

Choose East Coast Pest Control for Termite Pest Control Services in Weston

At East Coast Pest Control, we can handle any pests and termites in Weston. We treat all existing termites, bedbugs, rodents, and insects while offering preventative treatments as well. We have never encountered a pest that we couldn’t handle. For a free quote, contact our team today.

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