How to Spot the Signs for Apartment Pest Infestation?


Apartment living is considered by many people to be the lifestyle trend of the future. With its advantages, it generally provides affordability and flexibility to people wishing to have the ability to live, work, and play without too much of a hassle, especially in terms of traveling too far.  It has become an attractive living option because you wouldn’t have to commute just to go to work or school. Plus, the apartment complex offers easy access to many establishments, such as restaurants, malls, grocery stores, and other shops.

Unfortunately, the multifamily nature of apartment buildings also has its’ disadvantage. You tend to share a lot with your neighbors, such as a hearty sweet pie or even the noise through the walls or floor. But did you know that you can also share pests?

Due to the close proximity of the units, it is among the tough structures for pest control. That is why we have compiled 3 major signs that will help you avoid pest infestation!

Sign #1: What You Put Inside Your Apartment Matters

It is nice to have a great interior design and furniture for your apartment. However, no matter how alluring and seems to be a perfect fit, it is important to carefully inspect every furniture. Especially if you want secondhand items, you must check them first to be sure that it doesn’t harbor powder post beetles, bed bugs, or other pests. Regardless of the beauty and the price of a home décor, it is always necessary to put your safety (and your family’s as well) as the top priority.

Sign #2: Check for clues

Pests are actually good at hiding that is why it is important to be keen and have sharp eyes when it comes to looking for clues or marks that show proof that pests might be lurking in your apartment. Usual clues can be found at the window ledges, behind appliances in the kitchen or inside cabinets, and even in the bathroom sink. Check for pest droppings as well; even though it may sound gross it is better than to be sorry for not dealing with it sooner. Pest also gives off recognizable smells like a sweet, musty odor from bed bugs and an oily odor that’s comparable to fecal soy sauce when it’s from roaches. Keep an ear out for any scratching on the walls or the pattering of rodent’s feet. In case you notice holes or gnaw marks, it is a strong giveaway of infestation. So, do some research to learn how to identify the pests and their habits.

Sign #3: Be Cautious

It is imperative to have a general pest proofing. Simple to-dos are to check packages because pests may hitch rides inside delivered packages, especially if they are cardboard boxes. At any point in your travels, you might also pick up pests from hotels or even your mode of transport and unknowingly bring them home. So before you store your suitcases away, try to at least vacuum them. If there’s a smell of garbage, it will surely attract pests, so make sure to dispose of them properly on a regular basis. From windows, countertops, floors, pantry, bathroom, and even your pet bowls, you must routinely check them. Make time to thoroughly clean your unit.

As long as you follow these tips, you’ll have a good start in handling the pests. However, nothing beats professional pest control service. What you want is to have a reliable pest control company that can guarantee you 100% best solutions for pest extermination needs, and that is us – East Coast Pest Control and Fertilization! For over the years, we have provided unparalleled service all across Fort Lauderdale, plus even Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County!

Let us show you how you can have a stress-free and conveniently pest-free apartment living. After all, we are the experts you need. Contact us today and enjoy a free inspection!

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