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Ants are a danger in houses and flats as well as in food production and storage facilities. They are also a danger in the garden, as they contribute to plant death.

The most effective way to control ants is by means of disinfection. The use of insecticides is now available for this purpose. Special chemical preparations take various forms. It can be a spray, a powder, or tiles. But these actions do not always have the expected effect when the nest is not destroyed. It is thus necessary to use professional methods.

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Who Do I Call for Pest Control in Miami?

EC is a professional pest control agency. It offers a complete and flexible service. The operators have a high level of industry expertise. They always meet the individual needs of the clients.

The agency has been built on reliability and an understanding of our clients needs:

  • Tailored, safe services
  • Transparency
  • Safe services
  • Always on time
  • 100% Hygienic
  • Guaranteed results

Once an invasion starts, it doesn’t stop. So to keep your peace of mind, call us. We have organized and experienced teams of experts. They are ready to act fast and use eco-responsible products. Don’t wait to be so overwhelmed. Forget about useless traps. Our company knows the most effective methods and is ready to share this secret with you.

We are able to answer all your questions about safety and health impacts before you even ask them. We can also organize regular inspections for you to ensure that the problem does not recur. The services and treatments offered will be always adapted to meet your expectations. We are the best for pest control in Miami.

How Do I Get Rid of Ants in Miami?

Most ants are harmless and useful insects. But there are usually a lot of them and they reproduce very fast. They are overwhelming and it becomes difficult to exterminate them.

Ants work in groups. Together they can bring an end to your tranquility. Ants live in your garbage cans, baseboards, and other places that are inaccessible to you.

There are several homemade ways to get rid of ants. Their advantage is that they only repel ants without killing these useful insects. They only encourage them to move to another place.

  • Apply a vinegar solution to the infected place. You can also spray these places with vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Put some vaseline and spread it over the place.
  • Spray the ants’ itineraries with lemon juice, which has a deterrent effect. You can also use salt, pepper, cinnamon, or baking powder.
  • Chop fresh herbs and spill them along the ants’ route. This includes mint, tomato leaves, lavender, marjoram, or wroth.
  • Wash these places with water and dishwashing liquid.
  • It is also a good idea to clean on a regular basis.
  • Avoid leaving organic debris that could cause the ants to return.
  • Buy vacuum containers and keep the food in them. Keep the rest in the fridge.

Before you start, it is a good idea to find out at the source where the ants are coming from. Remove all possible gaps that could become a gateway for the ants. Remember, there is one reason why ants come into the house. They have found easy access to food. One of the first signs of ants in the house is traces of ants biting on the skin.

EC specializes in the destruction of pests, especially ants. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to exterminating the ants that invade you. Our technicians are all capable of putting an end to your ant problem. Contact a real ant exterminator now at 954-924-2471.

What Are These Tiny Ants in Florida?

The pharaoh’s ant is a species of tiny, yellowish-colored ant. Your home is a safe and pleasant shelter for them. They like warm and dry places such as:

  • Cracks and leaks in the walls
  • Under the panels
  • Parquet or paneling
  • Between sheets of paper
  • Between layers of fabric

Our kitchens provide plenty of food. Ants like it, especially in protein-meat foods. If there is a dog or cat in the apartment, ants will not fail to storm its bowl.

Small size and large numbers are the advantages of ants. The speckles that we do not notice are quite large portions of food for them. If they find a larger bite, they mark their way to it with pheromones. Within fifteen minutes, hundreds of workers run along the trail. They quarter their prey and carry it to the nest.

Good news. There are no cockroaches or bedbugs in the apartment where Pharaoh’s ants are. Ants usually cannot handle adult insects, but eggs or young larvae are easy targets. If ants find an insect dead or too weak to defend themselves, they suspect a massive assault. After an hour or two, the insect becomes empty, chitinous skin.

Like other social insects, pharaohs form colonies. They are complex pheromone-controlled systems, like super-organisms. In most species of ants, the colony is composed of a fertile female queen, an army of soldiers, and workers. Sometimes winged males appear, whose only purpose in life is to fertilize the female. If a colony of two different queens lies close to each other, the two clans become deadly enemies.

The Pharaoh’s situation is very different. There may be many queens in one colony that work together. Likewise, neighboring colonies connect by trails. They merge so that they can form larger multi-cave colonies. Sometimes it leads to very large colonies. They can cover entire blocks, hospital complexes, neighborhoods, and cities.

For many species of ants, the death of a queen is a disaster. But it doesn’t affect pharaohs. Their workers have the ability to nurture their offspring to raise new princesses. This also happens if there is no fertile female nearby.

Get in touch with a company for Pest Control in Miami to deal with this complex type of ants.

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