Cockroaches in Your Holiday Boxes

The holidays are such a magical time of year. The planning, preparation, and anticipation are contagious! But what happens when more than our guests show up for a traditional soiree? Cockroaches have a way of inviting themselves to the party when you least expect it, but where do they come from? Cockroaches are one of the most resilient pests on the planet and require professional pest control services to combat infestations. Able to survive one month without food and up to one week without water, these pests are more than merely challenging to combat.

Our pest control Fort Lauderdale professionals at EC Pest Control share two explanations as to why cockroaches show up during the holidays:


Cockroaches in Your Holiday Boxes Currently in Your Home

Decorating your home for the holidays is a tradition that many families enjoy. Pulling holiday boxes out of storage and rummaging through last year’s treasures is an annual event. What do you do when there are more than just ornaments and old paper and bows in that holiday box and you discover cockroaches in your holiday boxes? Notorious for showing up uninvited during the holidays, roaches nestle in an undisturbed carton. When you open that box they are ready to ‘light it up’ in search of food and new nesting opportunities. Unused holiday boxes make the ideal place for these pests to hole up, waiting for the day they are set free, ready, willing, and able to become a pest control nightmare.

Cockroaches LOVE stuff-piles and piles of stuff, and they are not particular about what that is. Paper and wood are personal favorites, but the reality is that cockroaches will camp down just about anywhere-especially in items not commonly utilized, such as your holiday boxes. Cockroaches act fast and can reproduce at a rapid rate. If you see one cockroach, you can guarantee there are hundreds or even thousands more in hiding-scoping out a warm dark place with a viable food source close by-GROSS!

Cockroaches in Shipped Holiday Boxes

Online shopping is so much fun! And convenient. Quick and easy, there could not be a more simple way to tackle your holiday shopping this year. You wait with bated breath for packages to arrive. Gleefully ripping them open to examine the contents, no one ever stops to consider that there could be more than just your pre-ordered package inside that holiday box.

The reality is that as Fort Lauderdale consumers, we don’t know the exact conditions of warehouses where items are packed and shipped. In fairness, however, even the most pristine conditions are fair game. Cockroaches hold no bias as to where they decide to convene. Cockroaches are sneaky fellows and can slip into the smallest hole or crevice of an unattended box. Unbeknownst to you, once you open that holiday box, you may be inviting more than you had bargained for this holiday season.

With a particular fondness of cardboard boxes, notably boxes containing corrugated cardboard, it is advisable to take a VERY close look inside your package BEFORE you bring it into your home. A few extra minutes could be the difference between a happy holiday and calling a pest control professional.

Holiday Pest Control Fort Lauderdale

Holidays are a time to be spent with family and friends, not with unwelcome and filthy pests. Our pest control professionals conduct full-service extermination discreetly and definitively to ensure that your holiday season as magical as you had envisioned. Our superiorly trained professionals guarantee their work and stand behind their promise of a pest-free home. If you have fallen victim to a pest infestation call us today. Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale Florida? Call EC Pest Control.

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