Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Pest infestation is one of the main problems that wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties. Not only do pests cause health hazards, but they also cause damage to office furniture. That’s why most businesses use commercial pest control services to eliminate pest infestation. Undoubtedly, commercial buildings face problems caused by pests such as damaged walls, ceilings, and windows. Pests also negatively impact clients and employees and damage the business’s reputation. A study reveals that 70% of companies claim to lose their reputation due to pest infestation. Today, businesses need commercial pest control services for integrated pest management. If you’re facing pest infestation, you may want to consult experts who can help you manage pest control.

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Why Do You Need Commercial Pest Control Services?

Cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, ants, rats, lizards, and other pests are the species of the animal kingdom that seriously cause adverse effects on humans. These pests bring diseases, cause discomfort, and can cause real damage to your brand’s reputation. They can damage your paper works, essential files and eat away at your boxes. Termites can affect the structure of your building and make it look shoddy. A pest infestation can also result in fewer risks of fines or mandatory shutdown of offices.

Although pests are tiny, their effects on business can be enormous. Just one pest-related incident can lead to potential fines from state and federal inspection agencies. Another concern is that pests can cause serious health issues for you and your employees. That’s why hiring commercial services becomes a dire need. Pest control companies like East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization are here to offer you the best services for pest prevention. They can help you eliminate pests of any type to keep the surroundings and environment clean.

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Signs Of Pest Infestation At Your Commercial Property 

Have you recently noticed gnaw marks or holes in your office walls? Or has your furniture got damaged? Or is your office space starting to emit a musky odor? If yes, your office might be suffering from pest infestation. Rodents like mice and rats are known to gnaw on wiring, which not only damages expensive equipment but also causes fire hazards. Therefore, it’s essential to learn more about these warning signs of pests before they find you and cause severe damage to your property. Otherwise, you will have to deal with costly pest extermination later. Below are some of the common signs of pests infestation at your commercial property you must look for: 

Foul smells 

Almost every pest emits an odor that is very unpleasant to the nose. The foul smell comes due to the food they (pests) take in a secluded area and start to rot. 

Grimy buildup 

Pests like cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and bed bugs prefer dark, enclosed, humid places like the attic, basement, and dungeons, and start making a mess. Thus, you must look in corners, under furniture, and along the wall edges to prevent pest problems. 


One of the most common visible signs of pests is droppings. Check your commercial property for urine trails or fecal droppings. Although the waste from rats or mice is easy to determine, the waste from bed bugs and other smaller pests could be a little difficult to notice. 

Weird sounds/noise 

Hearing weird sounds and noise is another sign that your property is suffering from pest infestation. However not every pest makes noise, but some pests like mice and rats love to hide behind the walls or under floorboards. So, you can easily hear gnaws, squeaks, and wall scratches. 

Damaged commercial property items  

Pests like mice and rats love gnawing at property items like tables, chairs, or cabinets. Further, rodents can also damage furniture items by biting and scratching them. 

Bite marks 

Another revealing sign of pest infestation is bite marks. If you or your employees are suffering from a bit of swelling on the skin, that means mosquitoes probably have invaded your office. The bite of insects can leave you marks and spread disease.

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The Damaging Effects Of Pests You Must Know

Pest is one of the most prevailing problems people face today. The presence of pests/ unwanted creatures are detrimental to human health and raise public health concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), pests like rats and mice may spread diseases to humans directly through urine, saliva, or feces. So, if you see pests in your office, it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible. As you know, different pests can cause different damage to humans and the environment, which include:

Diseases Caused By Pests 

Pests like rodents, mice, rats, cockroaches, etc., carry harmful diseases and create a significant health risk to you and your employees. For instance, cockroaches can cause diseases by contaminating food with germs they pick up from garbage or filthy places. They can also contaminate food with their waste and saliva, which may cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and other types of infestation, like Staphylococcus.

Besides cockroaches and rodents, mosquitoes are the most common kind of pests that bring diseases leading to serious health issues. These pests are the carriers of the Zika virus, dengue, malaria, etc. Undoubtedly, these are life-threatening diseases that need to be treated on time.

Further, rodent droppings also spread diseases and viruses. The viruses include rat-bite fever, bubonic plague, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, etc. The feces from rats and mice can spread bacteria, trigger allergic reactions, and bring skin diseases. Even when fecal matter becomes dry, they become a hazard for those who breathe in it.

Like all other pests, fleas also carry diseases and transmit illnesses via bites like typhus, plague, cat-scratch fever, and flea-borne spotted fever. Getting rid of these unwanted pests is essential to keep the environment clean, resulting in good health. Connect with our experts for pest control.

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Follow DIY Technique To Manage Commercial Pest Control  

Pests and health illnesses caused by them are serious problems that must be tackled on time. As a business owner, if you’re facing problems at your property, pest management would be ideal for you to consider. However, regular maintenance of the building’s infrastructure is requisite to stop pests from entering your property. There are many DIY pest control techniques to follow to curtail pest problems. The techniques include:

Fix holes in walls, windows, and doors 

Holes are the most convenient and comfortable place for pests to seek shelter from warmth, especially in the fall and winter. Pests can quickly enter through the smallest cracks and crevices. You can fit paper inside the hole to prevent pests from coming inside.  

Keep an eye on leaky pipes 

Undoubtedly, water also attracts many pests, and if there is leakage in your office, such as pipes, gutters, outside hoses, etc., they need to be fixed immediately. You need to regularly check pipes under the sinks to prevent pest infestation. 

Eliminate clutter 

Any commercial building full of clutters can easily attract and hide unwanted creatures, rodents, and insects. Further, a disorganized store can be an excellent hiring area for pests, so you and your employees must ensure that everything is organized properly.

Enlighten employees 

To get rid of pest problems, you must inform all your workers about the setup regarding office cleanliness. Everyone should be responsible for keeping their workstation clean.

Conduct weekly inspections from professionals 

A pest inspection is essential to keep the building neat and clean. You can connect with East Coast Pest Control professionals who will bring their equipment to locate pests’ hiding areas and safely eliminate them to prevent future outbreaks. Request us for a free inspection today.

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Why Choose East Coast Pest Control For Commercial Pest Control Services? 

Finding the best pest control management company is crucial if you want to eradicate these troublesome pests from your commercial building altogether. Regarding pest management, East Coast Pest Control has become an ideal partner for anyone looking to get rid of unwanted pests. Our expert team is highly professional and uses up-to-date treatment techniques and advanced technology to control and eliminate pests from your property, resulting in minimal disruption. With our top-notch services, you can be assured of a clean and healthy environment.

East Coast Pest Control offers organic solutions for commercial and residential pest control. So, if you need a professional pest control plan, call us at 954-924-2471. We know and understand the frustration of having pests on your commercial property, so allow us to offer you the right and environmentally responsible services with custom solutions to keep the situation in control. Schedule a pest control consultation today and let our professionals check everything on your property. 

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