Expert Bug Control and Local Pest Control in Florida

If you are looking for a professional pest control company in Florida, your search ends here. We are a family owned and operated bug control and local pest control in Florida. With decades of experience in rendering integrated pest management treatment, we’ve learned that pests are active every season in Florida due to the humid climate. Thus, Floridians need year round protection for their homes and businesses. 

While your home or business is perhaps the biggest investment, we have highly trained and certified pest control technicians to deliver best-in-class pest control services Florida. Moreover, we ensure compliance with the national pest management regulations in Florida. As a local pest control company, we provide pest control solutions for residents and businesses in all South Florida locations. Are you concerned about the cost of bug control and local pest control in Florida? Provide us with your zip code and other essential details to get free online quotes for the best pest control treatment.

Choose Pest Free Living With Ec Pest Control

At East Coast Pest Control, we are familiar with the common pest issues in Florida’s homes or businesses. Proudly serving as the Best Pest Control Company in Florida for more than three decades, we aim to provide customers with peace of mind and 100% satisfaction. Be it common lawn wildlife or season insects or bugs; we provide eco friendly pest control services Florida. 


Our expert technicians have protected thousands of residential and commercial properties against pests across the state with innovative technology and the best pest control solutions. When it comes to living and working in a pest free environment, EC Pest Control is the preferred choice of Floridians.

Types Of Bug Control And Local Pest Control In Florida

East Coast Pest Control provides comprehensive Bug Control and Local Pest Control In Florida. From manufacturing businesses, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, local businesses, and residential properties, our certified technicians have the experience and knowledge to protect your home, businesses, family, and customers from pests. Here are some common pest problems we address in Florida.

  • Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pretty common in Florida and other beach neighboring locations. Finding a bed bug puts a significant damper on your night, and they are easy to transport to your own home. Whether you are a hotel looking for help or an individual with a bed bug problem, we have the solution. 

  • Ants

You can call our technicians for the best control services regarding ants. Our experts have expertise in pest control for carpenter ants, red ants, big-headed ants, and many other common varieties of house ants.

  • Termites

Termites have become so common in Florida due to the warm, humid climate. We offer practical solutions for all types of termite problems for commercial and domestic properties.

  • Roaches

Our technicians will visit your property and inspect existing and potential roach infestations and where they might be lurking. In addition, we offer the best treatment for the many different varieties of roaches that call Florida home. 

  • Rodents

We offer the best Florida Pest Control services for common rodents like roof rats and house mice. 

  • Ticks & Fleas

Floridians have pets, and pets can bring fleas and ticks into your home. We can relieve you of your tick and flea issues by providing the best solutions for all types of insects and Fleas.

  • Spiders

Our certified pest control professionals have proven treatment for home pests, including Spiders. Get us in touch for free home pest inspection and pest control for spiders in Florida.

  • Wildlife

We are familiar with Wildlife here in Florida. Our certified technicians provide the best wildlife control and prevention solutions.


  • Lawn Care

Our lawn care specialists provide complete protection to your lawn against bugs, insects, and rodents.

What’s The Best Pest Control Company In Florida?

With our years of experience and vast knowledge of treatment techniques for insects, we know East Coast Pest Control is the best pest control company in Florida. We are a family owned, local pest control business offering best-in-class protection to the home, businesses, and government property against all types of bugs and pests. Request an inspection on your property today with just a zip code!

How Much Does Florida Pest Control Cost?

Whether it’s a regular pest infestation prevention program or monthly pest control, the cost of Florida Pest Control Services might vary depending on multiple factors. If you choose a certified company with a national pest management license like EC Pest Control, you will be assured of the best services at a reasonable cost. We can give a guarantee of the best Florida pest control services.

How Much Is Pest Control For Bugs?

The average cost of bug pest control can be determined based on different factors. Whether you are availing pest control for bed bugs, ants, or lawn bugs, a company will charge accordingly. You can call EC Pest Control for the best Bug Control and Local Pest Control in Florida.

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done In Florida?

For apartments, homes, and small businesses, we recommend regular pest control treatment. With decades of experience, we have pest control professionals who will search your property and give you a guarantee of stress-free pest control management. We have a different program for businesses and homes and always use quality products to ensure minimum harm to nature. Speak to our experts to plan a custom pest control program and schedule a visit.

Hire East Coast Pest Control For Integrated Pest Management

Are you stressed about the bugs, insects, or rodents at your property? Call East Coast Pest Control today. Our technicians will ensure there is no room for pests like termites, cockroaches, and termites at your home. Get the best Florida pest control guaranteed.

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To schedule a free inspection, provide us with your zip code and primary details. Our experts will visit your property, search and provide you with the best pest control solutions. Fill out this form or call us to get free quotes.

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