Safe and Effective Tent Fumigation in South Florida

Tent Fumigation is the most effective way to treat drywood termites, along with other insects such as bed bugs and powder post beetles. During the tenting process, Vikone gas is introduced into an airtight tented structure to kill all targeted insects within a 10 inch solid beam of wood. This is why tenting is the most effective treatment available today.

We understand that your property is a valued investment and at East Coast Pest Control, we are here to help with your structural fumigation needs.

Tent Fumigation

Fumigation – We love the warm-most-of-the-year- climate of South Florida. It really makes it the best place to live all year long. Many people are wary of the process of tent fumigation. Let us ease your mind. Tent fumigation is an extremely effective, safe pest management technique. Even though there is some preparation needed for the interior and exterior of the structure and you will need to vacate the premises for two nights,  it is well worth the inconvenience. The results of a tent fumigation treatment are second to none! The gas under the brand name Vikone is used to control the targeted pests. This gas leaves no residual and is lighter than air. Because of this, when you return to your home, there is no need to wipe down or clean any surface. This is why it has been deemed a very safe and effective treatment method for termites and other targeted pests.

Soil Pre-Treatment


Have you ever seen a home wrapped inside a large tent? If so, you are familiar with structural fumigation. The large tent is part of the process of using FUMIGANT chemicals to control the live infestation of critters in any building. Fumigation is one of the fastest and most efficient way to treat a developed infestation. Fumigation can be very important for property managers, condo associations, and home owners, as it can save a building from slowly being eaten from the inside out.

Why would East Coast Pest Control need to use TENTING or FUMIGATION?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Fumigation is the fastest method of eliminating infestations and can save the building from further damage. This will save you time, and money in the long-run.

  • The tenting process of fumigation powerfully controls problems in treated areas that are infested with termites and other targeted pests.

  • Fumigants are able to penetrate through even the smallest cracks and areas of the interior property where sprays, dust, powders, and aerosols cannot reach.

More Information

The process of fumigation is commonly referred to as “tenting.” Customized tarps are wrapped over the entire property and held together by massive heavy duty clamps. These specialized tarps create a seal to hold all the fumigants inside the treatment area. After a few days, roughly 2-3, your home will be safe to enter.

Tenting is by far the most effective way of ridding your home of drywood termites, which often feast heavily on your precious building materials. South Florida is known to be home to many unwanted pests! If left untreated termites in particular will destroy your home somewhat quickly. Termites love the year round warm weather of Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami. 

Our specialized technicians are experts on the latest and most modern techniques of fumigation. They will make sure you are updated every step of the way as homeowners and property managers, ensuring the necessary preparations are completed.

If your home has been infested by TERMITES or any other pests, time is critical and ACTION MUST BE TAKEN! Don’t let time run out, call East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc. today 954-924-2471 to learn more about our tent fumigation services!


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