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With plenty of beaches, restaurants, and sunshine, there are many reasons to call the sunshine state home. Due to the proximity to the ocean, Florida tends to maintain a warm temperature year round. Floridians love and enjoy this climate, but unfortunately, it also attracts various species of pests & insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, and termites.  With the state’s humid climate, pests create an irritating nuisance year-long. Without proper pest control treatment, they invade and damage homes and businesses. If you are looking for exterminator and pest control services in Florida, you have reached the right place

At East Coast Pest Control, we take pride in being the best professional pest control company in South Florida. At EC Pest Control, we believe in rendering world-class solutions for pest problems through experts who provide the best treatments to get rid of problematic pests and insects. Do you need to find a local pest control expert? Are you concerned about the cost of pest control services? Start by requesting a no-obligation quote online.


Get Complete Pest Control From Beginning To End

If you plan to get rid of pest problems independently, it can be much more complicated than you had anticipated. That’s where we come in. With over 30 years of experience, our pest control experts and exterminators can provide effective and environmentally safe pest management solutions at your residential or commercial property. What’s more, our company focuses on offering the best exterminator and pest control services to customers at the best price and always attempts to keep the process environmentally safe to protect nature. We provide proper training to our exterminators to treat your home or office for insects and protect your home. We do it in an environment-friendly manner, abiding by the FDACS regulations.

Types Of Pests We Control At EC Pest Control

Living in Florida, especially in South Florida, can sometimes feel like residing in a bug’s paradise. Continually coming into contact with such insects can expose you to serious health risks, including Chagas disease, West Nile Fever, and Infectious diseases like the Zika virus. 

At East Coast Pest Control, we are concerned about the safety and comfort of our customers. Thus, we offer the integrated pest management solutions against pests and insects in and around your home. Some of the common pest issues we manage include:

  • Bed Bugs

As more and more people move to Florida every year, bed bugs can be quickly introduced to your home or business property. We can help! We are the best exterminator and pest control service in the south Florida region.  Our team can kill bed bugs and provide treatments to keep them out of your home!

  • Carpenter Ants

Do you have black or red carpenter ants in or around your home? Call us now. We will send out our professional exterminators to evaluate and treat your infestation. 

  • Mosquitoes

Due to the humid climate, mosquitoes are pretty common in Florida’s environment. We provide a mosquito repellant service that treats against mosquitoes.

  • Termites

A single termite is enough to disturb your life, and Florida has a lot of them. Due to its warm climate, Florida is a perfect home to termites. You want to catch this type of pest control problem quickly! As soon as you suspect you may be having an infestation, call us to come out!

  • Common Ants

Florida is home to many common ants, including fire ants, ghost ants, carpenter ants, and big-headed ants. At EC Pest Control, we offer comprehensive pest control services to control a variety of ants that can be found inside Florida structures. 

  • Spiders

Spiders and their webs are common in and around FL homes. We all know some spiders aren’t harmful to have around as they are nature’s pest control service, but their populations can often get out of control. We treat all types of spider infestations, including Wolf and American House Spiders.

  • Cockroaches

There are different species of cockroaches, and they can reproduce very quickly. If you see one in your home, we can almost guarantee there are more! Call EC Pest Control today before the situation gets out of control.

Difference between pest control and exterminator

The primary difference between Pest Control and Extermination is that exterminators use pesticides and various types of chemicals to remove insects, rodents, and pests from your house. These chemicals and pesticides might be environmentally harmful and might not work on flying insects such as mosquitoes.

Pest Control technicians focus on why pests are present and improve the conditions causing the pest infestations. Pest control professionals visit your home, check the situation and work toward ridding you of them completely. It should be noted that prevention is worth its weight in gold. Treating your home or business before you have a problem is the best way to keep them out!

Do exterminators really work

Professional extermination companies with expert technicians, such as EC Pest Control, treat the problem and address the cause to prevent future reoccurrences. We have required equipment, tools, and training to use different types of chemicals. Working with extermination specialists can give you peace of mind and ensure the most protection for your home against pests and common insects.

How much does a professional exterminator cost?

The cost of exterminator and pest control services might vary depending on your location and the pest control company you hire. Prices also will vary based on the infestation you are calling to treat or prevent and the size of the location needing service. At East Coast Pest Control, we can assure you we are charging what’s reasonable. Would you like to know the estimated cost of pest control services? Call us or request a free quote online.

Are pest control services worth the money?

Whether it is about prevention management, using environment friendly products, or leveraging the best techniques, EC pest control services are the best way to deal with the year round pests. A professional company like ours is worth its weight in gold and provides best-in-class services.

Why Choose East Coast Pest Control?

At East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, we are backed by three decades of experience. Over the years, we have developed the best techniques to protect your home against common pests and gained expertise in pest control services. In addition, we have the professionals to keep the pest management process as environmentally as possible to save nature. Whatever your pest issues are, we are your local pest control expert to help!

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