Signs for Apartment Pest Infestation

How To Do Your Own Pest Control Against Termites?

Your Own Pest Control Against Termites – Termite infestation can happen anywhere as long as there are wooden materials in an area and there is an available source of its species. These termites feed on many wooden materials, especially the ones exposed for their access. They can be very harmful since they can destroy your pieces of furniture and even your house.

Nevertheless, some people cannot afford to have pest control services for their houses. However, there is a need to have pest control measures for their termite problem. Homeowners can solve the problem on their own but there may be cases that they might need pest control Miami professionals for their infestation problem.


House Tenting

As the name implies, your house would be tented and sprayed with gas. With this method, termites in your home will be gone, but it is still an expensive method. House tenting can also require effort in setting up your treatment procedures.

Tentless Termite Treatment

Compared to the former method, Tentless Termite Treatment is easier to do. You do not need to set up your home and leave it for the treatment. Homeowners will only need to apply effective chemicals in all affected places and attic to eradicate those termites in Miami.

Spot Termite Treatment

Spot Termite Treatment is for large-scale pest remedy. You only need to specifically apply pest control chemicals in affected areas and your problem is gone.

Bait and Barrier Termite Treatment

In case you want a more strategic way to exterminate termites, you can have bait and barrier termite treatment for your home. You have to set up a target area to lure termites. Once you confirmed the termite colony infested the area, you can now apply your termiticides.

Non-Fumigation Heating Treatments

This treatment is similar to the first one, but the only difference is the application of heat instead of chemicals. You need to set up your house and make it durable for this method. Then, you can apply heat to kill those termites.