Bed Bug Treatments

How to Prevent Bed Bugs in your Home?

For our information bed bugs are evasive, nocturnal creatures that hide behind baseboards and in any cracks. As well as, voids, and folded areas of beds, bedding, and adjacent furniture, especially mattress and box springs. Fort Lauderdale pest control gives you some tips on how to prevent bed bugs from invading our home. For travel tips here is what you need to do upon arrival in the hotel room before you unpacked your things. Bathroom pest-free, put your luggage and backpack in it, do not put it directly on the bed. You do a few inspections in the room, check the closet and luggage stands, also baseboards nearby luggage. Then if there is no trace of bed bugs you may put your things in the closet or on the rack.

Usually, in a standard hotel room, there are wall-mounted headboards. Inspect around and behind the headboard with the use of credit cards along seams and cracks. And you check the entire bed and bedding. Then during your stay, you may check your room and things regularly in the morning. Also, check your body if you have a red spot on your body and if there is a blood spot on the bed. Before leaving the hotel, you inspect the beds and bedding as well as your luggage before you pack your things.


What Does the Bed Bugs Look Like?

For adult bed bugs, it has an oval shape about the size of an apple seed with a mahogany color flat body. However, the bed bugs’ body turns reddish-brown and swell in color after feeding. It has six and its antenna is about half of its body that pointed forward. The head of the adult bed bug is attached to its body and has no wings. The young bugs are almost colorless when hatched, becoming brownish as they mature. Their eggs are white slightly pear-shaped with a length of 1/32″ and it is sticky when first laid.

When you are in the home, most bed bugs hide in any convenient crack. It also hides in the buttons of mattresses, the coils, and the frames of the box spring wooden bedsteads. The same in bed framing, upholstered furniture, the back of pictures, window, and door molding. The worst infestation of bed bugs is found in wall voids, attics, and other enclosed places.

What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs?

If you notice of bed bugs in your home with a sample like red bites on your body. Just stay calm and call any Fort Lauderdale pest control companies. For 30 minutes, place your bedding under the sun, and put your items in plastic bags away from the place of infestation. It is better to follow the instructions of your pest control company if you do not follow the pest will not be eliminated. At least once a week you vacuum by using a strong vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to pick up bed bugs. Vacuum all the places where bed bugs live. Immediately dispose of the vacuum bag outside your home in the proper dumpster. Continue to follow the instructions before, during, and after you cooperate with your pest control in Fort Lauderdale FL. To make more preventive procedures recommended by them.

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