Lawn Treatments in Fort Lauderdale

Lawn Treatments in Fort Lauderdale make the backyard a great place to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends. However, insects and patches of burned and dead grass make your lawn dirty and unhealthy. Do you want a beautiful, green lawn, but can’t find the time to treat it to get it healthy? Fret not! You can get professional lawn care treatment to get the lush lawn you’ve always wanted. 

With so many companies around, it’s not easy to find the one that provides reliable, affordable Lawn Treatments in Fort Lauderdale. East Coast Pest Control has been providing professional lawn care treatments for more than three decades, regardless of whether you have warm or cool season grasses. Visit us for a free home inspection.


Why is Professional Lawn Treatment Necessary for You?

A lawn needs regular maintenance and treatment of plants. With a busy schedule, it’s not easy to do it yourself. Lawn treatment is not only about making sure the grass roots have water and debris is cleared. Lawn treatment strategies include the typical cutting of the grass and de-weeding, but it should also include a professional treatment for weed control and bugs. 

A typical homeowner can’t maintain the lawn and take care of the plants in the way a professional will. Hiring a professional lawn treatment services will have your lawn looking green with healthy grass throughout the year!

Steps in Lawn Treatments

Lawn Treatment sounds simple, but it’s not as easy as it appears. Several steps are involved in this process. The first thing needed is to remove the dead leaves, branches, and other organic waste in your lawn. This will keep insects at bay. By removing the weeds and mowing the grass, you lawn is manicured. To have healthy, green, lush grass, however, having your lawn sprayed with a treatment supports the growth and health of all of your plants. 

Call East Coast Pest Control for a healthy lawn analysis and see the lawn care component professional lawn care companies are missing!

Why Choose East Coast Pest Control to Take Care of Your Lawn?

East Coast Pest Control has offered lawn treatments in Fort Lauderdale and other Florida coastal areas for more than three decades. We know what it takes to make your lawn a safer place for you and your children. Here are the advantages of choosing us to take care of your lawn.

  • We are equipped with the proper sprays and needed materials
  • Use eco-friendly spray 
  • Professional soil testing
  • Watering and Fertilizing
  • We charge only the fair price for the service

Trust East Coast Pest Control to Take Care of Your Lawn

Warm-season grasses are prevalent in South Florida. A healthy lawn is not defined as just a green lawn with lush grass. If you are looking to have the most beautiful lawn possible, lawn treatments are a must! Our regular lawn application price is very reasonable and will keep your trees healthy and strong, along with removing bare spots and weed control. 

We are known for professional lawn treatment in Fort Lauderdale for both homes and commercial properties. We will treat your lawn and trees and prepare it to be long-lasting through any weather.

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