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Treat Termites in Fort Lauderdale – There are many questions you are left to face when it comes to termites and how you can protect your home from these tiny destructive creatures. Termites can cause heavy damage to your home and business facility if left untreated. It can result in significant financial losses for many home and business owners. That’s why knowing about the signs of infestation and how to eliminate termites can save you thousands of dollars in damage to your home or commercial facility. This is the main reason you need nothing but the best pest control agency that can treat Termites in Fort Lauderdale. Call us to get a free, no-obligation quote


Termites in Fort Lauderdale

While termites are active year-round at Fort Lauderdale, termites’ swarm seasons are especially during early spring. Three significant termite types are found in Fort Lauderdale. They are drywood, subterranean, and formosan termites. All because of Fort Lauderdale’s pleasant weather condition and sunshine. If you suspect any termite activity in your home or at your commercial facility, don’t panic. East Coast Pest Control is the best when it comes to treating termites in Fort Lauderdale. Call for a free estimation now.

Sign of Termite Infestation

The primary sign of termite infestation is when you start noticing tiny, transparent insect wings scattered all around outside of your house. As termites take up shelter in your home, they will start shedding their wings and begin to reproduce. Termite swarms can be visible during early spring. Look for any damaged wood, softwood, mud tubes, and darkening or blistering of wood structures, as these are the most obvious signs of your home getting infested with termites.

Preventive Measures to Keep a Check on Termites

As a home or business owner, there are specific measures that you can take to prevent termite infestations, like stacking any wood and wooden items away from your building as they tend to feed on woods. Moreover, while doing any commercial or home construction, you should only use pressure-treated wood that touches the ground. Always pay attention to any fixed leaking water fixtures and lines. With all these preventive measures in place, if you still suspect a termite infestation, make sure to call the best pest control agency specializing in treating termites in Fort Lauderdale.

The Best Pest Control Agency to Treat Termites in Fort Lauderdale

Talk about termites, and they are locally abundant in Fort Lauderdale as the city is surrounded by water bodies, beaches, and canals. And we at East Coast Pest Control take pride in our ability to handle any termite infestation. If you are struggling with any pest issues, call us today.

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