Treating Coachroaches in Miami

Pest Control Guide: Understanding Fascinating Abilities of Roaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests wreaking havoc at both residential and commercial setting. No matter how much effort we put on cleaning our homes or commercial buildings, they just have their own way of reasoning to stay and pester us. Though they are tiny, they are one of the big threats in our desired peaceful and happy life.

Florida pest controlAlmost everyone will surely agree on how they can be an extra burden of stress. They are unpleasant pests which can be detrimental to our health as they are a carrier of germs and other bacteria causing some serious illness. They wander everywhere they can live, multiply and survive. They can be usually found living at slam areas and hiding underneath our trash or garbage sites.
No one is actually exempted from suffering cockroach attacks. We can indeed try buying various brands of products that seem to promise “instant-kill” to any roach-infested areas. But no matter how much you invested in these products or even try natural ways to kill a cockroach, nothing is better than hiring professional pest control service. Why? It is simply because they are the specialists in this field and the one who knows best on handling such pesky pest. But while you at it, there’s no harm in trying to understand roaches.
Knowing more about roaches may give us a hint on how we can prevent them from spreading further. You might be unknowingly doing the things that unintentionally invite these pests to your home or your business space. So let us share you some fascinating facts about their nature and some preventive tips to secure you against them.

Secrets of Roaches Revealed!

Did you know that a cockroach can live for one more week even they’re already headless?

Pest Control GuideYes, it is true! Fascinating it may sound, but roaches have the innate power to live even without its head. It is with the help of the tiny holes in their body wherein they can breathe aside from their mouths. This is called “Open Circulatory System”. The only thing that could be a weakness once they lose their heads is dying due to lack of water. Without a head and a mouth, it can’t drink thus lose the ability to quench their thirst.

Did you know that roaches have a record of holding their breath for about half an hour or up to 40 minutes?

Pest Control GuideIt is another innate ability for the cockroaches to hold their breath and be able to survive even they are submerged underwater. They often hold their breath in order to regulate their loss of water. But in terms of temperature, they can potentially be killed when they submerged at a temperature range they cannot survive; which is at above 115° F to 120° F. That is why it is possible to eradicate roaches through heat.

Did you know that a cockroach can run up to three miles in an hour?

Pest Control GuideIf there would be a race among all kinds of pests, roaches won’t easily give up the title of being one of the fast runners. These sneaky roaches have the innate ability of speed and you can surely see that as they scurry away in such a quick manner; making it harder for us to catch them. What’s even amazing is that when they run at full speed, just like human sprinters, they rear up their hind legs making it possible for them to bolt away. Plus once they are surprised, they can run at up to fifty body lengths per second which is equivalent to the record of hundred miles per hour in terms of human speed. So it is easy for them to spread germs and viruses fast!

Did you know that a “one-day old” cockroach can already run as fast as its’ parent?

Yes, it is true. Even though the new-borns are about the size of a speck of dust, they can actually run almost at the same level of speed as their parents. Quite creepy once you’ve imagined, but it is undeniably a scary fact.

Did you know that cockroaches have a prevalent population? Or what type of roaches is the most common?

Cockroaches are widespread and are more than 4,000 species worldwide. The most common of them all is the Brownbanded cockroach, American cockroach and the one who snagged the top spot is the German cockroach. The most abundant kind of roaches in the US is the German cockroach which seems to evolve over time as they become even harder to kill.

These are just a few facts about cockroaches and there are so many other fascinating yet scary secrets we’ll share with you on our next blog. But when it comes to dealing any kind of roaches, no one better than East Coast Pest Control!
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