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If you have lived in South Florida, you know how vital pest control in Hollywood Fl can be. Located just south of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood is a bustling city within Broward County that is no stranger to Florida’s notorious pests. As a leading provider of pest control services throughout South Florida, East Coast Pest Control understands the unique pest challenges facing Hollywood homes and businesses.

We have served the Hollywood community for many years with our comprehensive selection of residential, commercial, and wildlife removal services. Our licensed technicians are fully equipped to handle your pest needs, from everyday household bugs and rodents to termites, cockroaches, and protective mosquito treatments. Did you know:

  • Cockroaches, ants, and rodents top the list of pests found in Hollywood properties.
  • Commercial clients face issues with flies, palmetto bugs, and stored product pests infringing health codes.
  • Mosquitoes and ticks pose high risks for spreading viruses during wet seasons.

If you are finding unwanted pests living in your home rent-free, don’t hesitate to give a pest control specialist on our team a call. We will help you with your pest problem better than local pest control companies!


Rodent Removal and Control in Hollywood

Dealing with Unwanted Guests

As any Hollywood homeowner knows, rodents are notorious residents in South Florida. With a warm climate and ample food sources all year round, rats and mice quickly make themselves home. At East Coast Pest Control, we understand how unwelcome these pesky creatures can be. Our specialist rodent control technicians have decades of experience humanely removing rodents from residential and commercial spaces in Hollywood and surrounding areas.

Common Culprits in Hollywood

The main rodent species causing problems around Hollywood are roof rats, house mice, and native cotton rats. Roof rats, as the name suggests, like to hurry along roof lines and above drop ceilings. They can squeeze into tiny cracks to gain entry. House mice favour burrowing near foundations and inside walls. Cotton rats tend to live outdoors in shrubbery but will occasionally enter homes. All rodents can spread disease, damage property with gnawing, and trigger allergies with urine and droppings. It’s essential to address any signs of infestation quickly before the problem worsens.

Our Process Pest Control Services

When you call us for rodent help, we will first inspect your property to determine entry points, active rodent areas, and the scope of the issue. Our technicians know all the hotspots these critters like to inhabit. Based on inspection findings, we will design a customized treatment plan for your specific situation.


Initial services include humane live traps, crack and crevice dusting, and bait stations. We use only rodenticides approved for safe use around food and water. Technicians regularly monitor traps and reapply bait as needed until inspection confirms control. Once cleared, we provide tips to prevent future intrusions, like sealing access holes.

With our proven program, you can say goodbye to those pesky rats and mice for good! Don’t suffer another night with unwanted rodent house guests – contact us today for certified rodent control.

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Mosquito and Tick Treatment in Hollywood

Fighting Back Against Biting Pests

Being outdoors is such a big part of the South Florida lifestyle. But nobody wants to spend summer evenings dodging swarms of mosquitoes or pulling ticks off after a day at the park. As warmer months approach, many Hollywood residents worry about more than sunburns. At East Coast Pest Control, we’ve developed a practical approach to routine pest control to help control these biting insect populations and allow you to enjoy the fresh air safely.

An Integrated Plan

Our IPM-certified technicians treat both residential properties and shared recreational areas using a variety of least-toxic methods. Rather than relying on any single control, we employ a balanced strategy – vegetation management reduces breeding habitats. Organic larvicides target immature mosquitoes in standing water. Targeted adulticiding using ultra-low volume foggers. Tips for using repellents, covering skin, and tick checks. This integrated approach is more sustainable and discourages resistance in pest populations over time.

Customized Protection

We’ll work with you to understand your specific insect concerns based on location, yard features, and usage. This allows us to tailor a treatment plan for your unique needs. For homes surrounded by woods, we may focus on tick prevention tactics. Waterfront properties receive special attention in larvae control. Families with small kids benefit from concentrated barrier spraying. Our technicians return throughout the wet months to evaluate effectiveness and make seasonal adjustments. You gain lasting protection without over-pesticiding the environment.

Let the experts at East Coast Pest Control combat those pesky skeeters, noseeums, and ticks so you can enjoy the beauty of South Florida without interruption from biting insects. Contact us for a free quote today!

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Cockroach Extermination in Hollywood

Say Goodbye to Critters with Six Legs

Cockroaches are one pesky pest no homeowner wants lurking around, yet they remain far too familiar in South Florida properties. As the premier cockroach control company serving Hollywood and beyond, East Coast Pest Control has three decades of experience eradicating these hardy insects for good.

The Invasive Infesters

Two species cause the most problems in our area – the German cockroach and the American cockroach. German roaches thrive in cramped environments like kitchens and bathrooms, while American bugs can invade from outdoors. Either way, seeing one bug is never a good sign – it likely means you have much more hiding elsewhere.

Our Process Hollywood

When you call reporting a cockroach sighting, we’ll schedule a thorough inspection to locate harborage sites and scope the problem. Then our technician will:

  • Apply boric acid or gel baits that roaches bring back to the colony.
  • Treat cracks and crevices with long-lasting residual insecticides.
  • Use professional foggers or dust in void spaces like walls.
  • Recommend solutions to reduce their food/water sources.

Multiple return visits ensure control without allowing survivors to repopulate. Our IPM-trained team monitors your progress closely until you are roach-free.

Prevention Tips 

Even with continued service, roaches can re-enter from neighbouring properties. We guide like – routinely cleaning kitchen/bath areas and taking out trash daily, sealing cracks along baseboards and outside entry points, and using baits or traps as a self-monitored safeguard between visits.

Call on us today to dismantle dangerous roach dominions once and for all!

Wildlife Removal and Exclusion in Hollywood

Helping Hollywood Homes Coexist with Local Wildlife

Living in a natural area like South Florida means learning to share the neighborhood with our furry friends. But when critters like raccoons, opossums, squirrels, or snakes push past their welcome, things have gone too far. As a full-service pest management company, East Coast Pest Control not only removes problem wildlife humanely – we teach homeowners long-term solutions for coexistence.

Common Culprits

Some animals regularly encountered in Hollywood include raccoons seeking food or shelter in attics and under decks, opossums sometimes taking up residence behind chimneys, snakes following warm spaces like under porches in search of prey, and birds nesting in unscreened soffits or eves.

Our Process 

When wildlife has overstayed its welcome, we respond with live traps to relocate animals unharmed to protected habitats, exclusion techniques like caulking, screening, or netting entry points, and deterrents like motion-activated lights or audible repellents.

By denying access to water, food, shelter, and entry, most critters will simply move along without conflict.

Prevention Tips – EC Pest Control

We also provide ongoing guidance for symbiotic living – secure trash cans and remove attractants from yards, trim back landscaping to remove hiding places, and inspect property regularly for damage or new entry signs.

Let East Coast Pest Control ensure all parties, human and critter, coexist happily in Hollywood. A little prevention goes a long way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pests are common in Hollywood homes and businesses?

The usual suspects in South Florida include cockroaches, ants, rodents like mice, and palmetto bugs indoors. Outdoors and, mosquitoes are pesky, with occasional infestations from snakes or raccoons near the treeline. Commercial properties also battle flies, spiders, and grain pests near storerooms. Every site has its challenges! 

How quickly can an inspector assess my property and recommend a treatment plan?

Our inspectors are highly trained to spot signs of pests fast. Residential assessments usually take 30-60 minutes. For large commercial properties, allow 1-2 hours. Within 24 hours of inspection, you’ll receive a detailed email or call outlining our customized action plan. We aim to solve issues promptly!

What should I expect from an initial pest control inspection and treatment?

Our inspectors hunt high and low for clues like droppings, entry points, or damage. Based on the findings, they’ll place baits, spray, and use tools like cracks & crevices to treat thoroughly. The first visit initiates control – and the following holidays sustain it. You’ll sleep easy knowing pests can’t rebound under our watch.

What pest prevention tips can help protect my home between treatments?

Simple steps seal cracks where pests sneak in, keep your space spic-n-span to deny food/water and quickly report any new signs you spot. We also offer pro tips tailored to your home, like using caulk to thwart ants for good. Together, we’ll form an impenetrable defense!

What payment and pricing options are available for residential and commercial services?

We aim to make pest control costs affordable through flexible plans. For homes, it’s typically a monthly or quarterly service agreement tailored to your property. Larger businesses may prefer pre-paid packages. We also offer military/senior discounts. Contact us for a free quote discussing your property, pests, budget, and preferred frequency.

As the largest locally-owned pest control company in Broward County, East Coast Pest Control takes pride in our detailed inspections, proactive prevention plans, and environmentally safe control methods. Whether you require occasional treatments or a custom-tailored management program, we have the expertise, equipment, and team to protect your Hollywood home or business from pests completely. So, if you are ready to find out how we outperform several pest control companies, give our team of experts a call!

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