Choosing the Right Pest Control in Miami

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Getting rid of pets and pests in your home can seem almost hopeless. There are homemade recipes or traps available in supermarkets. They can help you on a short-term, small-scale basis. But for an infectious outbreak, it becomes necessary to call on a company that specializes in pest and rodent control. We make your search easier now that you have discovered East Coast Pest Control.


What is Pest Control?

The rodents, insects, and microorganisms we fight are from the same family. We call them pests, and we can get rid of them. We are using registered biocidal products and appropriate techniques. All of our applicators are licensed. They use biocides to control pests in the safest and most effective possible way.

What Kind of Pests are in Pompano Beach Florida?

Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks while walking in the forest. It is most common in the northeastern United States but is also present in Florida.

The same goes for the West Nile virus. It is responsible for an infection that is most often asymptomatic. But sometimes accompanied by a dreaded complication, encephalitis. Encephalitis is transmitted by mosquito bites.

It is also the case of dengue fever. In 2010, it reappeared in the Keys and Miami County, from where it had disappeared in 1934.

The tiger mosquito is responsible for the transmission of chikungunya and the Zika virus. It is also prevalent in Florida, especially in the summer during the wet season. 

If you go to infested areas like the Everglades, remember to pack effective repellents in your luggage. They are much more expensive there. Pregnant women should be very careful and avoid being bitten at all costs.

Who is the Best Pest Control in Pompano Beach?

East Coast Pest Control not only has the most experienced team of extermination experts in Pompano Beach. It also has high caliber equipment. This enables us to do our job beyond professional standards. They allow us to detect the presence of harmful insects with extreme precision and reliability. Your home or building will not be damaged or destroyed during the intervention. This is true especially for:

  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Floors

We are proud to be considered the best in Pompano Beach. This is due to our extensive offers and outstanding services. All are performed by a reliable and understanding team.

Why Call Bob at East Coast Pest Control?

Homeowners have understood the consequences and negative impacts of pest infested areas. The danger increases over time, especially when these areas are left untreated. Need help getting rid of your termites? Then simply call Bob from East Coast Pest Control.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a private individual or an entrepreneur. If you live in South Florida, our team of trusted professionals will help you. East Coast Pest Control is fully dedicated to pest control. We are ready to provide you with expertise and treatment in infected areas. We will detect and treat these creatures of destruction for you. Don’t wait any longer, and get in touch with us.