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Bed Bug Treatments – Our professional pest control team prides pride in having some of the most excellent East Coast bed bug professionals. Our professional bed bug control services are second to none!  Our team knows where bed bugs hide and the signs to look for when diagnosing a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are known to infest mattresses, hide along the bad frame, and in the box spring and, unfortunately, bed bugs multiply quickly. At East Coast Pest Control, we do not judge! We know bed bugs are highly transferrable and, regardless of where your bed bugs came from, getting rid of bed bugs quickly is our main priority! 

EC Pest Control is a local South Florida company you can trust to treat your bed bug problem, ridding you of the issue so you can sleep in peace! 

We take pride in offering the best bed bug treatment services in South Florida.

Bed Bug Treatments

Have an Active Bed Bug Infestation?

Unfortunately, bed bugs naturally get carried from one location to another. If you happen to have stayed in a hotel room with bed bugs or have recently acquired used furniture that had bed bugs, you need a pest control company to help you kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs fast! 

At EC Pest Control, our Bed Bug treatments work! 

Bed Bug Treatments

Most Effective Bed Bud Treatment

We know all of us can agree that bed bugs are definitely something that nobody wants in their home. Unlike other pests, such as spiders, bed bugs are not simply a nuisance and are not something that we can just disregard. While you are sleeping, bed bugs come out to feed on you. An infested room can quickly become an infected home and bed bug infestations are not pleasant.

Statistically, a bed bug feeds on a human for five (5) minutes before going back to its hiding spot. The surface where a bed bug have fed will typically itch and swell. The more bed bugs you have, the more bites you will receive. many at home treatments can control bed bugs, but nothing with kill bed bugs like a professional service such as East Coast Pest Control! 

It is important to understand that bed bugs are extremely good at hiding, so it may be difficult to notice you have a problem until it has become a serious issue. Bed bugs usually hide in small crevices, like your mattress seams, and only go or come out at night. In many cases, people don’t understand they have a bed bug issue until they have been attacked multiple times for multiple nights during sleep.

Some common signs to look for are small brown, tan, or yellow spots on the sheets (fecal spots) and blood on your bedsheets. 

As soon as you see the first signs of bed bugs, immediately call us. Our team will come out to evaluate, treat, and rid your environment of all the bugs, making your bed livable again!

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