Rodent Control

Rodents instinctally do not like to be controlled by humans, and they can present a pesty situation inside your home. If you need rodent control services, this is what you should know about these common rodent pests: Visit also Rodent Control Boca Raton.


Instinct: Rats definitely know when you have set a trap and/or bait, and can quickly colonize in your attic, inside burrows, under concrete slabs and constructed porches, in the wall voids and other hard many other hard to reach places.

Disease warnings: Rats frequently transmit a number of serious diseases they can pass onto humans. The rat can also bring about disease-carrying parasites like tick, lice, and fleas into your spaces.


Accessibility: Mice are infamous in invading our homes; seeking shelter, water, and obviously food! FACT: One pair of mice takes four months to reproduce upwards of 200 offsprings. Without rodent interventions in place, these pests can really create issues.

Most rodents have the ability to gnaw right through many solid materials we might think are strong. These materials include lead sheathing, aluminum including sliding, cinder-blocks, and even some solid concrete.


Rodents contaminate up to 100x the amount of food they consume. They cause severe damage to building because of their gnawing and borrowing. And also, rodents can squeeze through extremely small openings: roughly 1/4″ holes for mice and 1/2″ holes for rats. Rodents carry diseases and spread them to humans. USA FACT: RODENTS COST BUSINESSES MILLIONS IN DAMAGES EACH YEAR

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