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Rodents can be a big problem if they get into the interior of your home or business.  East Coast Pest Control can help with rodent infestations and design a rodent control program tailored to your needs!

Rodent Control Services

Generally rodents live outdoors, but they can get into your home or business when there are small holes on the exterior of the structure. Once inside, rodents can cause extensive damage such as that caused by chewing wiring or scratching causing damage to your interior walls. When these situations occur,  calling a pest control professional such as East Coast Pest Control may be necessary. Rodents are not sanitary to have in a home. They are wild. They know no better than to walk over sensitive areas such as your kitchen counters and eating areas. This brings the potential for illness to the families residing with them. 

East Coast Pest Control’s highly experienced technicians use a variety of rodent control strategies to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Our team will set rodent traps to catch and relocate the rodents while also identifying rodent access holes. Finding the source of entry is vital to rodent control as sealing up such areas will prevent future infestations.  

Rodent Trapping

Rodent Control Measures

Rodent control is not simply catching a house mouse or two already in your home or business. Trapping rodents is absolutely necessary, but finding the entry points for rodent activity is also important. Removing rodents is a form of disease control as urine stains and feces droppings are present wherever rodents are present. 

Some preventative measures a homeowner should do to prevent infestations include: removing food, setting bait stations, and cutting tall grass cut near a home or building to remove heavy vegetation.

Most rodents are simply seeking shelter, water, or food within your home or business.  Hiring a pest management professional such as East Coast pest Control ensures that your rodent populations are controlled in and around your home, keeping your home safe!



Rodents contaminate the area surrounding any food they consume.
They cause severe damage to building because of their gnawing and burrowing.
Rodents can also squeeze through extremely small openings: roughly 1/4″ holes for mice and 1/2″ holes for rats.
Rodents can carry diseases and spread them to humans.

Rodent bait stations alone are not enough! 


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