Termite Control Services

Termite Control Services – East Coast Pest Control offers tent fumigation, subterranean termite treatments, and spot treatments for dry wood termites to qualifying customers.

While any pest in your home is a problem, termites are more than just a nuisance, as they will literally eat your home. Wood, paper, burlap and any kind of cellulose are termite snacks and your home is filled with it! Having a termite infestation is highly problematic and needs to be addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Many times, you aren’t even aware of a problem until the problem has gotten severe. It is important to understand that the longer the termites live in your walls, the more damage they are creating!

It’s common in South Florida to deal with termites as there is no off-season! If you suspect you have termites, do not wait. Call us today for a free termite inspection and get started taking your home back!

Fort Lauderdale weather

Fort Lauderdale weather is sensational, and one of the main reasons folks relocate or decide to call it home. Our hot, humid climate is not just for people, however, as these elements are the ideal breeding ground for termites! Many South Florida homes are made of concrete block, so people think they’re safe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All homes in south Florida, whether cinder block or wood construction, contain wood beams as part of construction.  Termites will find their way into your home and start feasting and building their colonies. 

Not so fun fact: Termites can cause more damage to homeowners than floods, fires, and hurricanes combined.

When you require the best pest control service experts, look no further than the superior service and attention to detail offered by East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc. Our exceptionally trained professionals have handled countless termite infestations for Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach homeowners. 

Call today and ask us about the telltale signs of termites and how to eliminate termite infestations in your home!

Termite Control

South Florida Termite Infestation Control

When it comes to common infestations, there are three primary termite culprits in Florida. These include the Formosan Termite, Eastern Subterranean Termite, and the Drywood termite Termite.  All are bent on destruction and instilling chaos on the structure of your home. Left unmanaged, termites can make quick work of creating structural issues in your Fort Lauderdale home. Diligent and routine investigations of your home could potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars. The professionals at East Coast Pest Control suggest you examine crawl spaces, foundations, and attics regularly. Outside your home, check for holes in concrete, old tree stumps close to the structure of your home, and mud tubes. Additionally,  you should check your window sills and door frames often for signs of termite damage. 

Some tips: Maintain a property exempt of excessive mulch, firewood or old tree stumps as these are ideal living conditions for Florida termites. These crafty pests will quickly move from their outdoor sanctuary into the more secure environment of your home. 

If you suspect an infestation,  it is better not to employ DIY measures. Termites are serious and highly damaging to any property. The longer you wait for professional treatment, the worse the damage. Contact the pest specialists at East Coast Pest Control to treat the issue and prevent further damage to the structure of your home or business. 

What to Look For When Conducting an Inspection of your Home and Preventative Measures in surrounding area:
When conducting your inspection, look for small, hard oval ‘droppings’ called frass, which equates to termite feces. The more they chew, the more they excrete. If you observe frass, you have a problem and should reach out to the number one pest control services at East Coast Pest Control. Cracked paint, hollow-sounding wood, and piles of little wings are also telltale signs that a termite infestation may be present.

Termite are usually small, going unnoticed for long periods of time. If you suspect a termite problem and would like our termite control services, call our professionals!

East Coast Pest Control: Local Pest Management Specialists

Fort Lauderdale is a city on Florida’s southeastern coast, known for its beaches and boating canals. Its a beautiful city. Unfortunately, if there are bodies of water near our homes and businesses, increasing our chances of pests trying to invade the location.  

All homes and businesses have wood components, making them a great home for termites! The more wood a building has, the greater the chances are for attracting termite colonies or other pests. 

East Coast Pest Control specializes in termite treatments and termite prevention. We have seen, first hand, the damage these critters can do in very short periods of time. Termite damage, if caught at the start of the infestation can potentially cost a few hundred dollars to correct. If left unchecked, home and business repairs can be in the thousands!

As a homeowner, there are several DIY termite treatment methods you can employ to address or prevent termite infestations. Unfortunately, most are not effective termite repellants and in no time, the colony is back up and in action.  

At East Coast Pest Control, we realize the majority of Fort Lauderdale homeowners don’t want to risk a termite infestation. We offer scheduled maintenance packages in addition to full-service termite treatments. 

Call us today and speak to our team! We can come up with a termite control plan to keep your property safe!

Termite Control Services


East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc. takes pride in our ability to prevent, handle, and treat termite infestations. We are dedicated to helping Broward, Miami, and Palm Beach homeowners maintain a termite-free home. 

If you believe you have a pest control problem, feel free to call us today to discuss types of termite treatments we can use to kill termites and protect your home!

Termites Control in Fort Lauderdale

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We guarantee our work 100%. You can rely on our expertise and dedicate for a pest-free living with East Coast Pest Control & Fertilization, Inc. Call now! 954-924-2471
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