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Signs of Rodent Infestations

  • Droppings – One obvious sign that your home was infested by rodents is rodent droppings. Mice droppings are usually small, dark brown, with pointed ends but they vary in shape depending on the type of rat. Upon cleaning droppings, ensure to use gloves and a mask.
  • Tracks – Are you frequently spotting tiny rodent footprints? These tracks are another obvious sign of rodent infestation. If you are seeing a lot better contact a professional pest control service to exterminate these pests.
  • Holes – Mice and rats can gnaw small holes in thin walls or other materials in order to create new entry points and ways to get around your home. Do not let them tear down your home and instead take action now!
  • Allergies – Rodents crawl everywhere and they carry diseases. And sometimes, they can trigger allergies. In fact, their fur and droppings can actually cause allergic reactions in some people. Make your home allergy-free by making it pest-free.
  • Grease Marks – Seeing lots of grease marks on your kitchen? These grease marks are often caused by rodents’ fur. So, start searching for unexplained marks like this to see if your home is infested by rodents.
  • Noise – Do you hear lots of scampering, gnawing noises, and scratching? Well, it’s a sign of rodent infestation. So, if you are hearing noises in your attics, ceilings, and the inside walls, there’s no doubt you have rodents in your house.

These are some signs that your house is infested by these pests. Do not wait for them to take over and ruin your beautiful home. Keep your family safe and away from them and start making a move to exterminate them now! If you are having a hard time exterminating these pests, contact a professional pest control service.

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