Termites in Miami – What you need to know

Termites in Miami -Wooden materials that degrade. Small holes in plaster. Some wood furniture was reduced to dust. These are signs that termites are present in your home. They are the most common types of problems caused by termite infestation. When the invasion becomes more serious, termites can weaken stairs and beams.


Know Your Little Ennemies

Termites are very social insects. There are three groups: workers, soldiers, and breeders. It is the workers who ensure the food needs of the colony. They will collect it in wood, cardboard, or paper. After swallowing those, they redistribute digested food to the rest of their population.

The presence of water is mandatory for the development of termite families. They also have a preference for high, ambient temperatures. Because they are always fleeing from light, they are pretty tricky to spot. You will only be aware of their presence by seeing the done damage.

Natural Termite Treatment

We all know about hardcore methods like termite fumigation. But there are plenty of natural approaches to fighting termites. They’re only valid if you show persistence. You have to be patient, but it will save you a lot of money.

Diatomaceous Earth:

This powder with tiny crystals softens the shells of termites.


Mix with hot water and inject it into termite areas with a syringe.

Vinegar and lemon:

Put two slices of lemon in half a cup of pure white vinegar and pour it into the suspected spots.

Essential Oils

Choose Neem oil, storm oil, clove oil, or vetiver oil. Apply one of these to the infected area or use a spray bottle.

Homemade Insecticides:

Add 20% garlic oil, 5% tobacco, 10% Neem oil in water, and pour into a spray bottle.

Anti-termite Cardboard Trap:

Stack several pieces of thick, flat, wet cardboard. This will attract termites, which will then nibble at the cardboard. Throw it away as soon as it is full of termites.

Boric Acid:

Mix one teaspoon of boric acid in hot water and apply it to the infected area.

Preventing Termites in Miami

Since termites are insects that enjoy devouring wood, try to keep wood materials away as much as you can. This includes firewood or antique furniture, among other things. It is also essential to check any termite inflow. Maintain the wooden structure of the roofs. Cracks in the foundations encourage termites to invade the property. The same goes for your floors.

Damp areas are the most preferred locations for termites. Water systems with leakage problems must vanish as soon as possible. Recurring molds that flatten around the foundation must also be all dried out. Gutters must also enjoy better ventilation. Water accumulated in a rainwater drain encourages the expansion of termites. The insects feed on dead leaves.

Termite Inspection for Pre-construction Soil Treatment

If you want to renovate your house, have your property controlled before the work begins. Do the same when you buy a new feature. Invest in a termite inspection before introducing your furniture. If termites are present, experts will find a suitable solution for termite removal.