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The Best Pest Control Company

Pests live among us. So how do we get rid of them? Hire The Best Pest Control Company. Of course, the first thing you would say is, “I want to call an efficient pest control near me,” especially if the pests are infesting your home currently. The problem is, how do we weed out which companies are efficient and which companies are not? To be sure we are getting the service we deserve, we must go with a company that is tried and true, one which has been around for 30+ years. If you live in Broward, Miami/Dade or Palm Beach County, that company is East Coast Pest Control.

With the experience and know-how, East Coast Pest Control can quickly, and effectively annihilate pests. Remember, pests can trigger allergies, carry diseases, and destroy your property.  By going with a trusted name, close to home, you thankfully don’t have to face the burden of extermination all alone.

Below Are Some Common Problematic Infestations We Have Here in South Florida

  • TermitesTermites live in colonies. Some colonies exist with just 200-500 individuals, but allowed to grow, enormous colonies of millions of termites can thrive. Here in south Florida, we have ideal conditions for termite colonies to grow exponentially.
  • German Cockroaches: These cockroaches are found living around humans.They are found most frequently in or near human homes and establishments. They cannot survive the cold.So south Florida is the best area for them to thrive if not kept in check.
  • Mice: Mice, although furry and cute, are a true pest if not caged and vetted as a domestic pet. Allowed to live in buildings with humans. Mice will chew through wiring, destroy insulation. And also can carry and spread diseases to any other occupant of the building, via fecal droppings throughout the establishment. Mice will also bite if approached or bothered.So if small children are present within a home with an infestation, call East Coast Pest Control immediately.
  • Ants: Like termites, ants live in colonies and work together as a unit. Depending on the infestation, ants can cause a variety of problems from damaging building structures to simply invading stored food in a home. Biting ants can cause as little as a red, itchy skin reaction to severe reactions, including death. Once ants invade, they are very difficult to remove without the extermination techniques of a professional, such as East Coast Pest Control.

Home pest control professionals are everywhere. Don’t get trapped in a deal with a sub-par company. Remember, pests reproduce rapidly and it is difficult to manage them all by yourself. Let the professionals do the job for you to once again have a pest-free home. Call East Coast Pest Control or go to ecpestcontrol.com as soon as you suspect an infestation and speak with an expert immediately.