Treating Cockroaches in Miami 2

Treating Cockroaches in Miami

Commercial pests are a particularly irritating problem. Not only do you lose money for treatments, but you may also lose money because your business can lose customers. What makes commercial pest control so difficult? You can’t close your business to remedy the problem!

Spotting a cockroach during the daytime can be a sign of a large infestation. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects. If their spot gets too crowded, they may go out in broad daylight. This can cost you your reputation and you might lose important clients. Even your employees may refuse to work under such conditions.

EC Pest Control helps treat the problem of cockroaches in Miami.


Cockroaches in Miami are a Threat to Food Security

Cockroaches in Miami are generally introduced into restaurants through deliveries and simply by coming in from outside. Some species can travel from one building to another through sewer pipes and drains. Once inside a building, they can survive as long as they have access to water and food- and, unfortunately, they can eat just about anything. They reproduce fast and thrive in humid walls and dark places.

These pests have the ability to contaminate food and this issue can have lasting effects from a food safety perspective. The damage can have further consequences- brand reputation is at stake, and profits can plummet very fast. The detection of pests during official inspections can lead to the closing of a restaurant. For many businesses, this situation might lead to bankruptcy.

Restaurant Pest Control Measures

There are several measures for Restaurant Pest Control that you could put in place:

  • Inspection of incoming goods: Check each delivery for pests. Reject deliveries that show obvious signs of contamination.
  • Structural changes: Plug holes and cracks where pests could enter. Ensure that seals and door screens are in good condition to keep pests out.
  • Hygiene: Limit pest access to water and food. Clean up spilled food, grease, and other debris from all surfaces. Keep garbage storage areas in good repair. Repair leaking faucets and pipes, and clean up drains.
  • Notify EC Pest Control: A team of professionals will find a solution adapted to your case. They have the knowledge to slow down and prevent further spread of pests.

Home-made Recipes for Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control can be also seen through a home lens. While these treatments may be used as preventative measures, for an active infestation, we recommend using professionals at East Coast Pest Control. The effects of allowing an insect issue to get out of control are just too severe. We can help!

Remedy for Cockroaches:

  • Fill three-quarters of a container with boric acid.
  • Fill the remaining quarter with icing sugar.
  • Once your mixture is ready, spread it on dark, damp surfaces.

Natural bug removal:

  • Mix clove, cinnamon, tea tree or lavender essential oils with water.
  • Apply the mixture to your furniture, curtains, and other surfaces.

Ant removal strategy:

  • As with cockroaches, mix boric acid with sugar.
  • Spread pieces of clove, coffee, paprika, cinnamon or peppermint around the infected areas.

For those methods to work, you have to show patience and persistence. If the infection gets out of control you should not rely on them. Instead, call EC Pest Control at 954-924-2471. Let your professionals handle your pest problems.

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