pests insects are in Miami

What Kind of Pests Insects Are in Miami

Florida is a state that attracts a lot of people. An increasing number of Americans settled there. Millions of tourists visit Miami every year. But it isn’t only attracting people. Insects love the sun and the lush nature of Florida as well. No wonder – the warm climate and high air humidity attract more than 10,000 different species.

Some of them are useful for the environment in some ways. Others prefer biting people or eating things we wouldn’t want them to eat. It is both annoying and unhealthy to live in such conditions. Pests are potential carriers of viruses that can affect human health.

Are you recognizing yourself in this situation? Then EC Pest Control has some good news. Keep reading to find out.


Types of Pests in Miami

It is impossible to list all types of pests in Miami, so here’s a list of those that are now considered as most common:

  • Bed bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas

What You Should Know About Miami Pest Control

There are many misconceptions and wrong ideas about the use of Miami Pest Control. Here are examples of things you should remember when dealing with pests invasion.

  1. You shouldn’t wait too long before you get your home inspected for pest problems. Pests multiply very fast, and if you see one there are a lot more still hiding.
  2. If you have one type of pest, it is likely that your property is a great home for other types of pests.
  3. All methods of pest control are not equally good. Professional pest control companies should have a certificate.

Why is it important to hire an exterminator in Miami?

No self-administered product is as good as a professional pest exterminator in Miami.

No matter how much spray you diffuse in your house, it’s not going to stop the spread of these small animals. Trying to fight the ones you see won’t move the whole colony from your property. Only a professional has a sharp enough eye to locate the epicenter. Besides, buying a spray without an expert’s opinion is like buying a drug without a doctor’s prescription. Some chemicals can have side effects on our health, and we can even make the situation worse. Remember that most of them contain poison. Some may need special equipment, which professionals have and know how to use.

To find the best exterminator, you have to do your homework. You need a licensed and insured company. It is also important to find a company that uses non-toxic treatments for the sake of your children and pets. The protection of the environment is also worth thinking of. Today, a good exterminator uses green methods to get rid of your pests.

EC Pest Control is a Must-have For All Miami Residents

If you are still looking for the right method to fight pests, do not waste your time anymore. Call EC Pest Control and talk about your problem. Experts will give you a miracle solution that is both effective and non-toxic. Say bye to pests!