Worried About Termites In Fort Lauderdale

In comparison to the rest of the United States, Florida has a high diversity of termites. Florida has twenty-one termite species, with at least six of them established as invasive species (more than any other state), owing to its subtropical climate and high human activity. Termites in Fort Lauderdale are one of the most common concerns among home and business owners. And if a termite infestation is not treated quickly, it may cause severe damage to your home’s foundation. Seek advice from a professional Pest Control Company as soon as you see signs of any termite disruption. Termite infestations can not be stopped by DIY pest control. We at East Coast Pest Control provide both tent-free termite treatments and full-service home fumigation. Call us today to address your needs for long-lasting termite treatments that work.


Regular Inspection is essential.

Termite in Fort Lauderdale cause the most damage than any other pests. If not treated effectively, they can ruin your home or office in just a few months. Regular inspections are essential to prevent pest infestations. Did you know you can get a free termite inspection of your home or office in Fort Lauderdale by calling East Coast Pest Control? Contact us today.

Preventive treatment for termite in Fort Lauderdale

Preventative treatment for termite in Fort Lauderdale is recommended due to their concentration around south Florida. A termite baiting system or a liquid soil termite solution are two options for treatment. The baiting device is built around the perimeter of your home and provides termites with “food” to return to their colonies. Since it is unique to termites and termites prefer wood, this bait is environment friendly. At East Coast Pest Control, we are proud to offer the Sentricon baiting system, a cutting-edge baiting system for termite in Fort Lauderdale. Are you worried about the cost? Get a free quote from us.

A liquid treatment for termite in Fort Lauderdale

Termites in Fort Lauderdale can also be eliminated by treating the soil with a liquid substance. This non-repellent product is used to create a barrier around the perimeter of your home as well as at any possible termite entry points. East Coast Pest Control takes pride in being able to deal with any termite infestation. If you think your home is infested with termites, contact us right away.

Choose East Coast Pest Control for treating termites in Fort Lauderdale. 

At East Coast Pest Control, we provide a termite prevention program to help keep your home protected from termite in Fort Lauderdale. Count on us for the best termite treatment. To start with a free inspection and quote, contact us now.